New to Transafe Training is our LGV simulator, ensuring drivers are well prepared and confident in their skills and behaviours.

Transafe Training’s full-sized LGV simulator with its 220-degree field of vision and simulated rear view creates a fully immersive virtual realistic on-the-road experience and environment for driver training.

Our LGV simulator has a number of advantages compared to other methods of driver training – such as classroom or on-road training. These benefits stem primarily from the safety, repeatability and flexibility of the virtual driving environment, as well as the lower costs and the ability to benchmark and improve performance.

Through custom scenario development we have the ability to have total control over the simulated environment – unlike in the real world, where natural changes to weather, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and time of day preclude precise repetition of activities. We can tailor the training environment to the individual through creating specific road layouts, weather and traffic conditions. This enables training to be more focused, targeted and aligned to the learning objectives of the trainee.

In summary, there are many benefits of using Transafe’s LGV simulator:

– Increased cost-savings and safety
– Training for critical and rare driving events
– Scenario programmability and versatility enabling drivers to be exposed,trained and tested in different combinations of weather, road or traffic environments
– Standardisation of training programs and the ability to performance benchmark.

Examples of training and assessment programmes:
– Pre-employment assessment
– Defensive driving
– Safe and fuel-efficient driving
– Eco-driving
– Improving driving techniques
– Driving for the environment, e.g bad weather
– Driver alertness
– Post-accident assessment.

Simulation also enables training to take place without taking a company vehicle out of operations, avoiding maintenance costs, wear-and-tear and fuel consumption.

Our LGV Simulator

Receive tailored, scenario based training in
Transafe’s LGV simulator.

LGV Apprenticeships

LGV Apprenticeship programme, new to 2019.
Apprentices will learn all aspects of professional driving
as well as gaining their Category C and C+E licence.