Scenario Based Training

Going beyond what’s real

Our investment in leading-edge simulators creates a unique environment which can be tailored to your business needs and context through scenario based training. By adjusting elements to the simulator, scenarios can be created to allow learners to work as a team or individually to tackle and practice a crisis which can potentially occur in the workplace.

Scenario based training allows for you to improve your skills and performance in the workplace. As the simulators are tailored to meet your training requirements, scenarios can be practiced which you may not have encountered before, preparing you for potential scenarios which can happen in the workplace. Practicing scenarios allows for retained training until you have gained the required skills and expertise to work in this area, allowing for both new and common scenarios to be practiced to improve performance.

At Modal Training our facilities allow individuals to pause and rewind scenarios for detailed feedback. The learning process is fast and trainees can practice unusual and emergency scenarios in a shorter time frame than reality, from basic training to virtual prototyping.

While gaining hands-on experience in an environment as close to reality as possible, this form of training is both safe and cost effective, benefiting employers and employees.

Scenario Based Training

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