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Members of The Merchant Navy Association visited Modal to view the facilities.

The Merchant Navy Association was established for seafarers to come together to form an agreement on a range of ideas and issues. On Wednesday 27th September members of the group attended a tour at Modal Training to see the variety of facilities we have to offer.

There was a range of backgrounds in the group who specialised in different areas, each member was impressed by Modal’s ability to accommodate multiple training devices to fit each visitor’s needs and specific sectors.

Each member of The Merchant Navy Association was amazed by the facilities and how realistic the simulators are. This allowed the group to see the technology changes and how advanced our facilities are. Meeting with the group also gave Modal’s team an insight into their experience at sea.

Modal was described by the group as “fantastic” and one member stated, “I’m amazed when I see today what you’ve done it’s unbelievable”.

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