Delegates From Kokkola Visit Modal

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Delegates from Kokkola came to view our facilities at Modal and was given the chance to explore all areas and operate our simulators.

The group travelled down to Immingham to visit the docks and the businesses in the surrounding area. They chose to visit Modal Training as part of their tour around multiple companies who offer similar facilities, leaving with positive opinions and impressed by Modal Training.

Leigh Smith who accompanied the delegates visited Modal Training for the first time. He took the opportunity to try out our facilities and was particularly impressed with Modal’s Crane Operation simulator. After the tour of the simulators, Leigh Smith stated he has “never seen a crane simulator at this level before”. Highlighting the world-class training facilities Modal has to offer.

We continued to receive positive feedback from our delegates who stated Modal offered “more than expected” and they believe “having individuals on another simulator interfering is fantastic because it’s very realistic”.

Modal was overall described as “very practical and very modern”.

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