Maritime, Offshore
& Ports Courses

MCA Approved HELM O

The MCA approved HELM O course is the operational level to the human element, leadership and management course.

£280 + VAT
3 Days

MCA Approved HELM M

The MCA approved HELM M course is the management level to the human element, leadership and management course.

£600 + VAT
5 Days

Marine Coordinators

The Marine Coordinators course provides delegates with the skills required to undertake the role of a Marine Coordinator.

£1450 + VAT
5 Days

Dynamic Positioning Appreciation

For delegates to gain the basic principles, the advantages and limitations that DP vessels offer.

£650 + VAT
2 days

Dynamic Positioning Awareness

The Dynamic Positioning Awareness course is an in depth version of our 2 day Appreciation course.

£1,100 + VAT
4 days

One-day Human Element and ECDIS Familiarisation

Teaching delegates the human elements in shipping, the terminology used and the limitations of ECDIS.

1 day

K-Pos Familiarisation

The K-Pos Familiarisation course updates delegates on the principles and operations of dynamic positioning.

£750 + VAT
2.5 Days

Ship Handling: Azimuthing Thrusters

The Ship Handling: Azimuthing Thrusters course is ideal for those who have on-board ship handling duties.

£900 + VAT
2 Days

Leadership and Management

On the Leadership and Management course, managers will learn how to manage a team effectively.

3 days