There are many benefits for cadets, both during training and once qualified. While training with Humber Maritime College cadets will benefit from the following:

  • Fully-sponsored officer cadet programme
  • A unique, challenging and rewarding career
  • Earning a wage/training allowance while training at college and at sea
  • Training using leading-edge simulators
  • Gain seafaring and life skills
  • Career progression
  • Cadets will have access to all our facilities at the Grimsby Institute, including research facilities, sports centre and gym and refectory
  • Cadets will stay at our halls of residence during phase 1 and can opt to stay in halls during the other college phases
  • This course leads to a well-paid international career in the Merchant Navy.

Earning Potential

The Merchant Navy offers a well-paid career, with superb opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

During the cadetship, cadets can expect to earn a good salary, sometimes called a training allowance, of around £15,000. Once qualified, cadets will become junior officers and will earn between £22,000 and £30,000 per year.

As their career develops, a marine Engineering Officer can earn between £40,000 – £80,000, depending on their experience and rank. Salaries may also be tax free through the UK’s Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction scheme.

The Industry

The Merchant Navy is the international commercial shipping industry, transporting both cargo and people to destinations worldwide.

About us

We have a history in delivering maritime education and training through our nautical college and are well positioned to offer our cadets a comprehensive training programme.

A Guide To Joining

A marine Engineering Officer is responsible for the safety, performance and maintenance of the engine room and ship’s technical systems.

Cadet Programme

From Phase 1 – The Foundation Phase through to Phase 5 – Continuation of academic programme, additional short course, exam and oral preparation.

Requirements & Assessment

All cadets are required to gain 12 months’ combined seagoing service and workshop skills training. There will be a range of assessment methods used throughout the cadetship.

Cadet Benefits

There are many benefits for cadets, both during training and once qualified. Once qualified as a marine Engineering Officer, cadets will normally begin as a 4th engineer and can progress to becoming a chief engineer.


While studying at Humber Maritime College, cadets will stay at our halls of residence for the first phase and may choose to return for subsequent phases or rent local housing.


Individuals will apply directly to a cadet training management company who will process your application.