Navigation Simulator

Learn to operate the latest Navigation Simulator

Our Kongsberg K-Sim Navigation simulator is configured with ECDIS radar, designed to support the technical training of mariners while operating the planning and monitoring equipment. The Navigation simulator allows trainees to develop their skills and knowledge regarding ships’ movement in different environments (e.g. weather), plotting routes and how to keep the vessel on track.

Training can be completed either as a team or individually, allowing for employees to develop their performance in the workplace as a team, but to also personally develop their skills and knowledge. This is done through manipulating elements to fit your training needs so you gain the most out of our courses.

This form of training is beneficial to employees because new procedures and scenarios can be practiced in a safe and controlled environment. The simulators are also capable of displaying a wide range of navigation-related information, enabling trainees to learn in an environment as close to reality as possible.

Navigation Simulator


  • Radar video overlay from K-Bridge ARPA radar
  • Autopilot control with simplified “curved EBL”
  • “Active lights” display for simplified visual position confirmation
  • Docking function provides the prediction of ship movement
  • Full route planning and validation functions
  • Continuous monitoring of own ship in relation to route plan and waters
  • Displays up to 100 Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) tracked targets
  • Displays targets and information from AIS – Automatic Identification System
  • EBL / VRM gives the correct range and bearing from own ship
  • Remote control of K-Bridge autopilot providing track-keeping functions
  • Echo sounder monitoring and recording of chart depth information
  • Voyage recording and replay
  • Navtex interface
  • IMO defined functions
  • Type approved

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