Engine and Control Room Simulator

Learn and practice daily procedures, reduce fuel consumption, optimise economy and gain vital skills crucial for handling emergencies.

Our Kongsberg K-Sim engine and control room simulator is a highly realistic and effective full mission training tool that has been developed with ship specifications and performance data in mind. The real-life engine model can be viewed on large HD monitors with 3D pop-up display. A 3D virtual walk through system is used to allow trainees to use a computer games-style controller to move around the engine room and operate the equipment.

The flexibility on the simulator allows elements such as the working environment to be changed to suit the employees, enabling individuals to practice scenarios in a simulator which replicates their workplace, making it easier to transfer their skills learnt.


  • K-Sim full mission engine simulator comprising: engine room, control room, instructor room, emergency generator, simulated HV switchboard and interface, with a real HV breaker and desktop system
  • High fidelity dynamic real-time process simulators, based on real engine physics and specifications
  • Extensive library of engines
  • Dynamic engine room sounds, noises and alarms
  • Simulated CCTV
  • Inspection and control of cooling water, lo & fo supply/storage systems, bilge water, compressed air, steering gear and shaft seals
  • Alarm handling
  • Engine control and power management

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