Class C Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator

Learn the procedures, limitations and advantages of Dynamic Positioning in our Kongsberg K-Sim Class C Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator

We provide training in our Class C Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator for ship handling, loading in offshore areas and emergency manoeuvring, this is to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a safe and secure position when at sea. Our simulators are flexible during training through a wide range of training objectives being carried out, for example DPO certification, designed to support operations, test procedures, increase competence and minimise errors.

The six desktop systems are connected to an instructor station, with dedicated functions to control the various vessel settings, introduce issues to solve and provide guidance at each stage.

Class C Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator


  • K-Pos user interfaces with the same information and settings that can be found onboard a K-Pos equipped vessel
  • Automatic station-keeping including position change, heading change, autopilot and auto track
  • Manual joystick operation
  • Simulated vessel behaviour
  • Simulated position-reference systems and sensors
  • Simulated thruster performance
  • Adjustment of simulated wind and current

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