Class A Offshore Vessel Simulator

Are you looking to train in an environment which replicates your workplace?

Our Kongsberg K-Sim Class A Offshore Vessel Simulator is designed to replicate the working environment of our clients. This allows employees to gain the most out of our courses by manipulating the simulator to resemble their workplace, employees will then have the chance to practice scenarios which can occur while at work.

Our Class A Offshore Vessel Simulator is capable of replicating a wide range of training scenarios, environmental conditions, vessel models, objects and equipment. These can be tailored to fit your training needs – benefiting employees who wish to develop their skills in specific areas.

Our aim at Modal Training is to improve learner development through the use of our offshore vessel simulator, employees will improve their performance in the workplace and develop their skills and knowledge in their specialised area.

Class A Offshore Vessel Simulator


  • Full mission design
  • Fore and aft bridge configuration
  • Integrated DP2 Dynamic Position system
  • Anchor handling vessel hardware
  • Works in combination with other simulator systems

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