XPI Truck Simulator

Our XPI truck simulator is designed to improve road performance and skills.

Our XPI truck simulator is equipped with mechanical functions including brakes, clutch, gears and accelerator to give LGV drivers an experience as close to reality as possible without having to drive on the road. The simulator is both safe and controlled by being able to plan scenarios, this will prepare LGV drivers with problems and situations which can potentially occur on the road.

Our XPI truck simulator contains high-resolution projectors and a cylindrical LCD display screen, allowing a range of elements such as load type, weather conditions and locations to be altered to meet the trainee’s requirements.

For employees this form of training is safe, effective and cost-efficient, this can also save time which results in a fast-paced learning curve for those who are looking to improve their skills.

xpi truck simulator


  • Functioning instrument cluster displaying speed, engine revs and indicators to create a realistic training environment.
  • LCD screens mounted around cabin representing wing mirror views to provide realistic rear view visibility.
  • Can be connected with our car simulator for integrated driver training scenarios.
  • Separate scenario development and creation station provides an opportunity to generate and test new training scenarios to meet changing training needs.

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