XPI Car Simulator

Our XPI car simulator is designed for drivers of all ages to develop their skills and performance on the road.

The XPI car simulator is suitable for all individuals, from under 17s who are looking for pre-driving courses, to experienced drivers who are looking to improve their skills. The simulator is equipped with mechanical functions including brakes, clutch, gears and an accelerator, this means you will be learning in a safe and controlled environment as close to reality as possible. Having the ability to control your training as a new driver will improve your confidence on the road before getting behind the wheel of a car.

After the simulator session, you will get a full debrief on your driving behaviours, these will be analysed and addressed.

The benefits:

  • Safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Controlled environment
  • Close to reality
  • Debrief
XPI Car Simulator


  • Functioning instrument clusters display speed and engine revs throughout the simulation
  • High resolution (1920×1200) projectors coupled with a large display screen (4.75m diameter x 2m)
  • 270° horizontal field of view
  • Modified wing mirrors and rear window LCD screen provide realistic rear view visibility
  • Can be connected with our truck simulator for integrated driver training scenarios
  • The separate station provides an opportunity to generate and test new training scenarios to meet changing training needs

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