OSC Full-mission Crane Simulators

Our two OSC Full-mission Crane Simulators can be configured for rig crane, ship to shore, gantry crane or ship to offshore crane operations.

Our OSC Full-mission Crane Simulators are housed high on a mezzanine floor, in 4-metre domes, each with seven projectors, capable of creating incredibly realistic training environments. Advanced visualisation technology, real physics and high-quality graphics enable users to experience scenarios in an environment as close to reality as possible. Different elements to the OSC crane simulators can be changed to suit your training needs, for example crane type, settings, load type, vessel type (if offshore) and weather conditions. This allows individuals to train in an environment which replicates their workplace.

The scenarios and cranes can be created in a bespoke manner to accommodate any industry such as construction, warehouse, large scale manufacturing, oil, gas, wind, offshore and many more.

One of the simulators can be used as a ship’s bridge so that operators can learn to control a crane on a moving vessel, or unload from a moving vessel. When used in tandem, they enable entire teams to be trained together in real-life exercises, allowing new procedures and processes to be practiced in a safe and controlled environment.

OSC Full-mission Crane Simulators


  • Advanced, 3D graphics
  • 7 professional grade projectors
  • Authentic crane driver chair with armrests, joysticks, buttons and touchscreens
  • Integrated and stand-alone operation
  • 270° seamless picture
  • DNV·GL Approved Class A product
  • Deck personnel functionality – banksman, slingerman, and signalman
  • Communication systems (VHF, ClearCom)
  • Boom tip / CCTV cameras
  • Emergency drive system

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