Offshore Deck Station Simulator

The Offshore Deck Station simulator enables deck operators to perform daily tasks efficiently and safely.

The role of deck operators is critical on offshore vessels, allowing trainees to perform tasks safely alongside training for emergency situations. The offshore deck station simulator can be used for all banksman and stevedoring roles in any industry, we cover a full variety of scenarios for the ports, logistics, offshore and construction sectors.

The depiction of the back deck is extremely realistic and trainees can practice a wide range of crane operations. The stations can be linked to any of the crane simulators so that crane drivers and deck operators can train together in a wide range of real-life scenarios.

Offshore Deck Station Simulator


  • Connect/disconnect lifting gear to crane hook
  • Inspect cargo
  • Seal off area for restricted access during lifting
  • Jump between relevant areas on rigour on vessel
  • Give signals to crane driver via ‘gestures’
  • Connect to our bridge and crane simulators
  • Manoeuvre objects during lifts

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