NI approved Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation

NI approved Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation

NI approved Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation Course Overview

From the 1st January 2015, all DP Certificates issued by The Nautical Institute must be revalidated every five years. The NI Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation course is designed for those who hold an NI DPO certificate, but who have failed to gain the required sea time to revalidate it.


Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirement for the NI Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation course is a DPO certificate issued by the NI. The original DPO certificate should be presented to Modal Training at the beginning of the course.

If the participant is completing the course for the first time, there is no minimum DP sea time requirement. If the participant is completing the course for a second or subsequent time, a minimum of 28 days DP sea time will be required to revalidate. This DP time may be completed prior to or after the revalidation course.

Please refer to the latest The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Accreditation and Certification Standard which can be found on their website at

Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they meet the entry requirements for the course. Your Log Book and certificate will be checked before training begins on the first day, and if you do not meet the entry requirements you will not be allowed to continue, but you will still be charged.

NI approved Dynamic Positioning (DP) Revalidation Course Content

This course involves both theory and practical training (50:50) on Modal Training’s KONGSBERG K-Sim Class A DP simulator and will update candidates with the latest rules and regulations, position references and sensors, known DP incidents and lessons learned.


This course is delivered in English and requires candidates to have a good standard of verbal and written English, including industry relevant terminology.

Course Benefits

This course allows certified DPO’s who have not gained sufficient sea time over the proceeding 5 years to revalidate their certificate. The course may be completed up to 6 months before the revalidation date set by the NI and will be valid for a period of 12 months only.

Assessment Method

Practical assessment followed by an online multiple choice examination conducted at Modal Training, using the Nautical Institute’s ‘TestReach’ system.



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Course Details

PriceContact for information*
Duration5 Days

Key Info

Area of SkillDynamic Position Courses
Course TypeRecertification
Training TypeSimulator and Classroom
Target AudianceDP Operators
Approving BodyNautical Institute
Certificate Duration12 months

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Resulting Qualification / Documentation

No advice has been published, but it is expected that upon successful completion of the course Modal Training will issue a course Certificate of Completion and stamp and sign the candidate’s NI DPO Logbook.