Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher Course Overview

The Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher course is for qualified and trained DP Operators who wish to refresh their skills in responding to a wide variety of DP failures.

Entry Requirements

The Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher course is for experienced Dynamic Positioning operators.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher Course Content

The Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher course involves practical training on Modal Training’s KONGSBERG K-Sim Class A DP simulator. Our simulators can be used individually or linked to provide comprehensive training, this course involves the following:

  • K-Pos system arrangement and DP Class Requirements
  • System Switch-on and Start-up
  • The Human Machine Interface, main functions and views
  • Alarms and message system
  • Sensor handling and sensor views
  • The DP system’s positioning capability
  • DP consequence analysis
  • Capability and Motion Prediction Analysis
  • Position reference system handling
  • Failure modes
  • DP Incidents.

Course Benefits

The course will give the DP operators an opportunity to learn to recognise failures in any DP sub system where the outcomes can create a position loss.

Assessment Method

There is no assessment required for this course, unless requested by a client.

Course Details

Duration3 Days

Key Info

Area of SkillDynamic Positioning Courses
Course TypeRecertification
Training TypeMainly practical using a Class A DP Simulator

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01469 428449

Resulting Qualification / Documentation

Upon successfully completing the assessments, the training centre will issue a Certificate of Completion.