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Dynamic Positioning Awareness

4 days

£1,100 + VAT


The Dynamic Positioning Awareness course is an in depth version of our two-day Appreciation course, delegates will gain the basic principles, the advantages and limitations that DP vessels offer.

Course Content

This course is a mix of both theory and practical training on Modal Training’s Kongsberg K-Sim Class C DP simulator. The following topics are covered:

  • The principles of DP
  • The component parts of a DP system
  • The procedures of operating the DP system and incidents
  • Vessel movements, position reference, sensors, computers, propulsion units and feedback
  • DP modes of control
  • Concept of redundancy
  • Thrusters and manoeuvring systems.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. However, it is intended for technical inspectors, fleet managers and other office or client personnel who would benefit from in-depth knowledge around DP systems.

Course Benefits

This course provides a detailed introduction to dynamic positioning. Delegates will also receive training in our simulators which is as close to reality as possible.