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Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator course

Course Overview

Course Content

This course involves predominantly practical training on Modal Training's KONGSBERG K-Sim Class A DP simulator and covers the following topics:

  • Practical operation of the DP system
  • DP operations
  • DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures

This course is delivered in English and requires candidates to have a good standard of verbal and written English, including industry relevant terminology.

Course Benefits

This course will build on the candidate's previous onshore and offshore training and simulate various problems and failures encountered during DP operations.

Entry Requirements

Completion of the DP Induction course, minimum of 60 days sea time experience and completion of the task sections of the DP Operator's Logbook.

Please refer to the latest The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Accreditation and Certification Standard which can be found on their website at https://www.nialexisplatform.o...   

Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they meet the entry requirements for the course. Your Log Book will be checked before training begins on the first day, and if you do not meet the entry requirements you will not be allowed to continue, but you will still be charged.

Further Details



Area of Skill

Dynamic Positioning Courses

Course Type


Training Type

Simulator and classroom

Target Audience

DPO trainees

Approving Body

Nautical Institute

Assessment Method

This course has a three part assessment process: 1. Continual assessment by the Instructor throughout the course. 2. DP Set-up practical assessment taken on the last day of the course. 3. On the successful completion of the practical assessment, candidates will be required to take an online multiple choice assessment conducted through the Nautical Institute’s ‘TestReach’ system. Following successful completion of the course, candidates are required to finalise their 60 days operational sea time onboard a DP vessel before applying for a DPO Certificate from the NI.

Why Modal Training
Strategically positioned at the heart of the Humber Energy Estuary, we are the UK’s first centre for integrated, multimodal logistics training.