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Dynamic Positioning (DP) Refresher Course

Course Overview

Course Content

This course involves practical training on Modal Training's KONGSBERG K-Sim Class A DP simulator. Our simulators can be used individually or linked to provide comprehensive training. 

  • K - Pos system arrangement and DP Class Requirements
  • System Switch - on and Start - up
  • The Human Machine Interface, main functions and views
  • Alarms and message system
  • Sensor handling and sensor views
  • The DP system’s positioning capability
  • DP consequence analysis
  • Capability and Motion Prediction Analysis
  • Position reference system handling
  • Failure modes
  • DP Incidents

Course Benefits

The course will give the DP operators an opportunity to learn to recognise failures in any DP sub system where the outcomes can create a position loss. 

Entry Requirements

Experienced Dynamic Positioning operators

Further Details



Area of Skill

Dynamic Positioning Courses

Course Type


Training Type

Mainly practical using a Class A DP simulator

Assessment Method

There is no assessment required for this course, unless requested by a client

Why Modal Training
Strategically positioned at the heart of the Humber Energy Estuary, we are the UK’s first centre for integrated, multimodal logistics training.